Doggie Walk Poop Bag Holder - Faux Leather Deluxe Duffel

  • $9.99

A soft, faux leather waste bag holder that dispenses bags on a roll. Includes one roll of 12 tie handle poop bags, that be can refilled with any roll of bags. The duffel attaches to any leash, belt or collar using the hook-and-loop strap or metal carabiner clip. After you have picked up after your dog, clip the bag to the carabiner and keep your hands free. 


  • Faux leather with a soft feel
  • Carabiner or hook-and-loop strap attaches to nearly anything
  • Zipper for refill rolls, bags dispense through bottom opening
  • Fits both tie handle and standard refill rolls
  • Size: 3.25" L x 1.5" W x 1.5" H
  • Easy tie handles
  • Large bags for all dog sizes
  • Odor and moisture locking
  • Size: 17" L x 5.5" W with 5.5" side gussets

Variants: Brown   Black  
Brand: Doggie Walk Bags