Doggie Walk Dog Poop Bags-120 ct

  • $10.99

Pick up after your dog with large, high quality waste bags made in the USA. With our large, gusseted bags - picking up has never been easier! Use the rolls to refill your leash bag holder or tie a single bag to your leash. Our rolls have no paper core, which means less waste when you are done using our bags.

    • Red bags - floral scent
    • Yellow bags - ocean scent
    • Green bags - rainforest scent
    • Blue bags - unscented
    • Purple bags - lavender scent
    • Pink bags - citrus scent
    • Black bags - unscented


    • Standard bag style - no tie handles
    • Scented or unscented options
    • Large bags for all dog sizes
    • Moisture and odor locking
    • Made in USA with recycled plastic
    • Bag size: 6" W x 15" L with 3.25" side gussets

    Variants: Green   Pink   Red   Yellow   Blue  
    Brand: Doggie Walk Bags