Our Story

"In late October of 2020, we noticed our 12 year old German Shepherd, Scooby was limping a lot. We thought he had maybe hurt his leg from jumping off the bed. We took him to the Veterinarian in November and found out he had Osteosarcoma in his front left leg! Due to the fact that he was so healthy (other than the cancer), the Vet thought he would be a good candidate for leg amputation and in hopes that the cancer would not spread by catching it early. He was doing so good for 4 1/2 months and even after his 3 month check-up, Scooby was cancer free.

Scooby 1The month after his check-up, he got a severe UTI (pure blood), got it cleared up and then 2 weeks later we noticed something was not right. Scooby could not walk on his back legs and his abdomen was getting hard. Our Vet said bring him in right away and she said he was Ademis (no blood circulating to his legs) and that's why her couldn't walk and that Scooby either had a mass or was bleeding internally. So, to ease his pain we had no choice but to put him down. It was after that we decided to find healthy foods and treats, safe toys, allergy kits and accessories, in hopes to keep everybody's fur babies around a little longer.

Scooby 2

With experience as a pet sales rep, I gained valuable knowledge and resources to provide the BEST PRODUCTS! So, with the LOVING MEMORY still fresh in our hearts and the emptiness of our home, we have these two beautiful pups, Nikita and Koa to help us heal!  Can't forget our Handsome Little man Biscuit too, who we still have & love too!  We will always love and miss you Scooby."

Nikita & Koa