Ruffdawg Stick Crunch

  • $21.99

Get all the fetching fun of the real thing – splinter free – with some extra Crunch! Rugged and durable, just like original Stick & Twig, but with a special lining that gives these toys a crunchy sound and feel. Stick is a sure favorite of large dogs, and Twig is great for smaller breeds. Perfect for retrieving, games of keep-away, tugging, and adorable photo-ops, both can be strung on a rope for added fun.

Rubber retrieving toy

floats, treat-fillable, scented

Stick Crunch – 12” for medium to large dogs

Twig Crunch – 6” for small dogs




Variants: Red   Blue   White/Red   Orange   Orange/Blue  
Brand: RuffDawg