Fido Extra Tuff Dental Bone

  • $13.98

The Fido Extra Tuff Beef Bone is a practical way to engage your canine pal and discourage him from chewing on other objects. It is created for the bigger dog. This large bone can be an effective way to maintain your pets' dental health while providing them some fun. Bringing a beef flavor to entice your animal, the chew toy can provide many hours of gnawing opportunities they are sure to enjoy. It is a practical way to keep your pets' teeth cleaner and looking their best. Also, it can save you some time when it comes to performing dental hygiene on your pal.


  • Large beef-flavored chew toy for dogs
  • Our Extra Tuff bones stand up to the most aggressive chewers
  • Fido Bones toys are wedge shaped with curved ends to fit the way dogs chew
  • Hard chews support your dog's dental health by gently removing plaque and tartar
  • Fido Bones also benefit your dog's overall health by reducing stress and satisfying her natural chewing instincts

Brand: Fido Inc.