Beco Sustainable Bamboo Cat Bowl, Blue

  • $8.50

A sustainably made bamboo cat bowl that will last for years in the
home, before naturally breaking down once disposed of. A design
created to maximize a cats enjoyment at dinner time. The low edge
means whiskers don’t get crushed. Made with a non slip base.

Key Points
• Sustainable bamboo
• Low rim design
• Dishwasher friendly
• BPA free
• Non-slip base
• Available in 3 colours


• Bamboo powder
• PLA resin - PLA is a
plant-based material
• Cornstarch
• Bran coat/rice husks

This bowl is made from bamboo fibres blended with rice husks, a
by-product of rice farming, to create a sustainably made bowl. The
natural strength of bamboo makes them as tough and hard wearing
as plastic alternatives. Bamboo is a species of grass. It grows in
abundance 30 x faster than trees. It produces 30 x more oxygen and
absorbs 35 x more carbon dioxide. It’s a true super material. A design
created to maximise a cats enjoyment at dinner time. Cats like it
natural so no lacquers or plastics are used on this bowl. The low edge
means whiskers don’t get crushed.

Wash regularly in warm soapy
water. Dishwasher friendly - top
shelf, low temperature.

External Diameter: 16cm
Capacity: 0.2L


Brand: Only An Ocean