Beco Classic Bamboo Dog Bowl, Honeycomb-Small

  • $13.25

An understated bowl for contemporary living. With a classic and
simple design, this sustainably made bamboo food and water
bowl sits comfortably in any home. Bee’s like it natural, just like dogs.
The honeycomb design is a gentle reminder to keep on looking after
nature, protecting the birds and the bees.

Key Points
• Sustainable bamboo
• BPA free
• Dishwasher friendly


• Bamboo powder
• PLA resin - PLA is a
plant-based material
• Cornstarch
• Bran coat/rice husks

Further Information
Bamboo is a species of grass. It grows in abundance 30 x faster
than trees. It produces 30 x more oxygen and absorbs 35 x more
carbon dioxide. It grows tall and dense saving precious arable land
for other crops.

Product Care
Wash regularly in warm soapy
water. Dishwasher friendly - top
shelf, low temperature.

External Diameter/Capacity:
S - 15cm/0.8L
L - 18.5cm/1.65L

Brand: Only An Ocean